Ask the Crew
i wanted to kill myself but now i'm not so sure anymore but because i had it all planned out its like i'm not leaving myself a choice.


Haven't heard anything from this blog in a while! Are you guys okay?!

You guys probably haven’t heard of me, but I’m one of the Mods, Lauren (emogerard, vnlcan) and I was allowed to help run this.

I was just thinking of this blog for some unknown reason, and I realised nobody has updated since January. I had moved schools in November and needed to pick my grades up, while my schooldays ended an hour later than it used to. I also haven’t had as much time or, to be honest, the effort to try and make contributions to  this blog, but I still eagerly checked it because I used to love it, and when I was asked if I wanted to be an admin I was so exited! 

I’ve been an admin for more than a year now, but the thing is, it’s kinda just been left here. Now, I wasn’t the one who created this blog, or is in charge of it. I’m just a roleplayer doing this in my spare time, so I have no power to change it without the owner’s consent, but I can’t find the person that used to run it. She might’ve changed URL’s or just deleted, but I can’t find her, or the other admin. 

Personally, I lost interest in roleplaying and Star Trek, so I changed my blog to a band blog, leaving behind my fandom stuff, along with this blog. This still means a lot to me, but I simply don’t have the time or effort to use it any more. 

I’m going to try to pick things up, and answer more questions, but I apologize for lack of them for so long.


What's the definition of a will? (Come on, it's a dead giveaway!)

Took me a little while to get it, but that’s still clever.

- Kirk

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can't put it down.

Ah. A space pun. Now that’s more likely to get the crew going.

- Sulu

When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.

I really like that one. 9/10.

- Kirk

It is advisable to use chromosomes in advertising, because, you know, sex cells.

Yeah. Hilarious.

Better luck next time with the puns.

- McCoy

My parents paid over $5 for Velcro. What a rip off, right?

Most definitely. I wouldn’t pay £1 for Velcro.

- Kirk

Hey crew, I know you get a lot of stuff like this, but I felt like telling someone. Last year, I only just scraped by in getting all my assignments handed in, but for some reason I have a feeling that this year will be better. You guys really motivate me, especially you Chekov. You're all so smart, and to me you have accomplished so much. I want to be as great and passionate as you are in my job and schooling, I only hope I can live up to how awesome you guys are.

Zat is my pleasure. I hope zat you can find motivation in the future to werk hard. My Papa always used to say, you get what you give in life. I try to remember this. Good luck.

-  Chekov


A very Merry Christmas to all you followers, and we hope you enjoy the holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate. Enjoy your time and just have fun, okay? Even those of you who have had a difficult year, because I really bet the next one will be a big improvement.

What is it you say, Spock? - Kirk

Live long and prosper. - Spock

Right. That’s it. -  Kirk

Does everyone take advantage of the holiday season to learn about other cultures' holidays? I can't imagine Orions celebrate the same things humans do, or Vulcans, etc.

It would be a time of purpose for crew members to embrace other heritages, I agree. However, the Captain insists that since there are so many different cultures on the ship, everyone should be free to celebrate in whatever way they chose.

I suppose that this holds some sense also, considering it could be the cause of controversy. In this case, as it has always been on the ship, we celebrate the Christmas joys of the holiday season purely for the concept of embracing your loved ones and, as Jim puts it, ‘having a damn good time’.

- Spock